Breakfast Club

With the support of the food industry, including key partner Kellogg’s, Foodbank is the largest provider of food to school children supporting more than 1,000 schools to provide breakfasts to 67,500 students around the country.

We know that some days, it’s not always easy to prepare a fully nutritious meal in the morning. We are proud that Gwynne Park Education Support Centre is registered with Foodbank and offers students who need a choice of attending a morning Breakfast Club each day.

According to the Hunger in the Classroom report (Foodbank Australia), schools providing breakfast to students with Foodbank’s support overwhelmingly believe this contributes to student physical (97%) and mental (91%) health. They also report that it impacts positively to student relations with staff (83%) and the broader community (70%).

Students are welcome to join the morning sitting in our ESC kitchen from 8.30am where they are encouraged to build independence in setting up, preparing their food and cleaning up after themselves. Sessions are quick as we encourage our children to start their classroom day as scheduled.