Our Team

School Leadership Team

Our School Leadership Team consists of the Principal, Deputy Principals and Manager of Corporate Services.

Natasha Naylor, Principal 

Candice Burns, Deputy Principal Lower Years

Liz Golightly, Deputy Principal Upper Years

Janelle Ellement, Manager Corporate Services

The School Leadership Team are located in the ESC Administration block near the year 2 - 6 ESC classroom block. This area also houses our teacher administration, meeting and planning area.

Staff Team

Each classroom has an appointed classroom teacher and several Education Assistants. Additional specialist staff are appointed for the support and delivery of specialised subjects such as music, dance, gardening, cooking, science and PE.

Our Education Assistants develop comprehensive knowledge of our students and are integral in supporting generalisation of skills between the classroom and other contexts. Our EAs are active in discussions and the development of individual achievement and whole school improvement.

All staff are qualified and / or trained in a range of Special Educational Needs specific programs such as TEACCH, low technology Assistive and Augmentative Communication (AAC), Discrete Trials, Applied Behaviour Analysis, Team Teach and explicit teaching strategies.

Key teacher leaders progress whole school development and implementation of identified school priorities. This may include working 1-1 with staff, through the development of resources and delivery of workshops. Key learning is often extended to families to promote a successful home/school practice.

Our front office is supported by experienced and welcoming School Officers. They are knowledgeable, contribute towards school planning and actively seek communication and feedback with families.

We employ a School Psychologist to undertake assessment and reporting and to lead whole school learning as required.

The Speech Therapist working at Gwynne Park Education Support Centre is part of the educational team and provides support to students with special needs in language, speech, fluency, literacy and Alternative and Augmentative Communication (AAC) in group settings or by working with individuals. The overall aim for our Speech Therapist is to support the school to meet the educational and communicative needs of students and works within the team to:

  • identify students with special needs in communication
  • determine the educational needs of these students
  • develop appropriate educational programs for these students

A Community School Nurse is available and undertakes On-Entry Assessments for children in K and PP in consultation with families. The Nurse is available to provide assistance, support and information on an as needs basis.

All members of our team work collaboratively with external therapists and support providers in the development and delivery of individualised student support.